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Monday, 15 February, 2011
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There are many Rocheteau descendants who have origins in the
France, the Cape Verde Islands, and elsewhere who are not yet represented in these pages due to a lack of data.  Anyone wishing to submit genealogical information for publication is very welcome.

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Share legends, bed-time stories, tall tales, and family recipes.

 Frank Roshto, upon receiving news of a new grandchild's safe arrival, continues the tradition of presenting the child's mother with a new tube of "Boudreaux's Butt Paste", an old Louisiana diaper rash remedy.

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Rocheteau, Alain G. G.

2 August 1951 -

Family Historian

Click here for his personal genealogy.

Rocheteau,Robert J. “Jeff”

22 April 1953 –


Roshto, Frank Kenneth

25 May 1941 -

Computer "Whiz Kid"

Family Historian

Dyson, Audie Lee McIlwain


Roshton, Mabel Rainey

12 Jan 1903 - Jan 1990
Legal Secretary to
 Louisiana Governor Huey P. Long

Family Historian

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